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8 Ways to Save Laptop Battery

8 Ways to Save Laptop Battery

Laptop without the battery? not vegetables without salt again, but without the vegetables vegetable hehehe :-) Laptop without battery no different snack pack box on your desk. Laptop without battery like in the 20s, the dark!

Lha why there is a laptop without a battery? Is it because the battery was stolen? no not because thieves could not steal your laptop battery, it is better to steal his laptop without battery Laptop hehehe gentlemen here means you are not good at keeping the laptop battery so the battery does not last, wear faster and eventually ... die!

One way to take care of laptop battery to keep themes is to conserve laptop battery. Well, how to conserve laptop battery? Here's tips on how to save battery laptop computer:

1.  Unplug your flash after use.
2.  Remove the CD or DVD from a DVD rom used when it is finished.
3.  Set your laptop screen lighting as soft as possible (not too sunny and bright)
4.  Turn off bluetooth, wi-fi when not in use
5.  Set the use of the control panel power supply
6.  Use the touch pad only, the use of the mouse will drain your battery. Moreover, mice with twinkling lights.
7.  Play music if necessary, and even then do not be too hard.
8.  Set your windows look as simple as possible, turn off windows aero and windows side bar
9.  If your modem you no longer use or have you disconnected, unplug it from the USB port. Likewise, printers and scanners are stuck.

Thus Tricks Computer Tips on How to Save Laptop Battery  hopefully help you. Thank you for your visit, I hope we make online learning useful computer :-)

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