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Avoid Tired Eyes in front of the computer

Avoid Tired Eyes in front of the computer

If you include people who like to make friends with a computer, let alone every day with non-stop computer. Online without end. So be prepared back tired, exhausted waist, leg numbness, shoulder fatigue, sore throat thirst hehehe yeah not segitunyalah except play computer while weightlifting hehehe :-) peace!

Online linger can cause eye fatigue, well this is tips to avoid eye fatigue at the computer:

1. Keep your distance from the monitor eye

Do not get too close to the computer monitor, as little harm to your eyes. The recommended distance is approximately 0.5 to 1 meter.

2. Disposable Filters for CRT Anti-Radiation

Filter radiation can reduce the adverse effects caused by the radiation monitor tube (CRT). We encourage you to use this filter monitor, affordable, available for 15-inch CRT and a 17 inch.

3. Adjust Brightness-Contrass

Set your monitor lighting to be more cool in the eyes. Do not adjust your monitor is too bright because of the effects of glare you can accelerate eye fatigue.

4. Use anti-radiation glasses

Excessive light can indeed give effect to the pain in the eyes, and therefore anti-radiation glasses you can use to reduce them. These glasses can not only be used when in front of a computer monitor, but also when viewing TV, car lights and other light sources.

5. Replace CRT monitors with LCD

For the LCD monitor safe enough, though not without the slightest radiation. You are still advised to maintain visibility of the monitor.

6. Rest your eyes

This is the easiest and cheapest way, rest your eyes every 1 hour for 5 minutes. You can do other activities such as drinking, close my eyes for a moment or just away from the monitor.

7. Blink

Perhaps you will laugh at this, the cook uses a computer to not blink? Keep in mind again that the blinking eyes will be lubricated by liquid eyes. This will further relieve and relax the muscles around the eyes.

8. Look out the window

So that your eyes are not too tense stare too long or laptop computer, it's good once in a while you look out the window. This will help your eyes to readjust your visibility. Because, too lingering over a short distance can cause remote viewing capability is reduced. So, occasionally lihatkan out the window, enjoy the trees that grow distant there :-)

Thus Tricks Computer Tips on Safety Tips Avoid Tired Eyes in front of the computer may help you. Thank you for your visit, I hope we make online learning useful computer :-)

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