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How to Maintain LCD

How to Maintain LCD

Environmentally friendly technology monitors, LCD monitors. Yups! more power-efficient and space. Does not require a large power supply and do not spend your workplace. LCD monitor is the best option in the present era.

But do you know how to care for a good LCD monitor? let's see Preparedness Tips How to care for LCD Monitor.

1.  Put the LCD monitors are protected from direct sun exposure. 
2.  Place the LCD monitor in a safe place and not in place of the shocks are oblique.
3.  Take care not to fall off the LCD monitor.
4.  Adjust sharpness and lighting of the LCD monitor.
5.  Setting the screen saver appears when you do not use the LCD monitor in just over 30 minutes.
6.  Every 4 hours of use should you rest your LCD monitor for half an hour, during which you can do other activities such as making coffee or worship.
7.  Clean the LCD monitor surface with a clean soft cloth.
8.  Avoid pressure on the surface of the LCD Monitor including when cleaning.
9.  Try not to touch the LCD monitor with your hands. 

10. Do not clean the LCD monitor uses liquid is not recommended.
11. Clean the back of the LCD monitor ventilation for air circulation more smoothly.
12. Adjust the LCD monitor's best resolution manual book.
13. Try to place the monitor in a cool place with good air circulation.
14. Don't leave the LCD monitor in standby when you leave.
15. Unplug the LCD monitor when you do not use it in a long time.

Thus article Tips Tricks Computer Smart: Tips Printer Sustainable and Durable hopefully help you. Thank you for your visit, I hope to make our online computer learning useful.

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