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How to Optimize Laptop Battery That Easy

How to Optimize Laptop Battery That Easy

Laptop battery? Make no mistake no battery flashlight or radio batteries are cheap. If the laptop battery until it breaks, the price is quite expensive compared to a flashlight battery flashlight battery Xixi except for astronauts secured more expensive than any battery if the battery runs out haha
​​LHA on the moon cook ya stop at the market Menes Pandeglang:-D

Therefore, your laptop battery should be maintained properly. Do not let us do not know how to care for your laptop battery. So that the performance of your laptop battery lasting and durable, no heat and have a long life and do not explode! (Seriously, there are laptop batteries can explode due to incorrect usage) then do some ways the easy optimization of laptop battery following:

1.  Make sure the voltage and amperage of your laptop charger in accordance with the specifications of your laptop. Adaptor greatly affect battery life. So do not use the original charger-Abal Abal. Because it can damage the laptop battery for electrical power not after.
2.  If the battery is fully charged, immediately remove the battery charge. Because in the long run if it is still plugged in will reduce the battery life could even explode (reportedly laptop batteries now safe from this, but nonetheless something that is excessive is not good does not it?)
3.  Turn on the battery icon in the taskbar so you can control the condition of your laptop battery.
4.  Benefit from the power option in the control panel of your windows because it can help to optimize battery performance. Setting the option portable or laptop.
5.  Do not leave your batteries in a discharged condition for too long. As this may damage the battery cell.

This Just five,, please use to treat your laptop battery to be more durable and longevity hehehe :-)

That article Computer Tricks on How to Optimize Laptop Battery The Easy hopefully help you. Thank you for your visit, I hope to make our online computer learning useful. Amen :-)

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