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How to Replace Damaged Laptop Charger

What happens if your laptop charger is broken? Of course with only rely on batteries, so the battery can not be guaranteed to run the laptop on, fall asleep and make annoyed hehe :-) Beda if the battery is damaged because we can still use the charger to turn on the laptop even without the battery. So if you charge your laptop is damaged, you should know the tips keen to replace a broken laptop charger.
You need to consider that buying a laptop charger that does not fit can be fatal for your laptop. Especially the laptop battery.
Okay, Here's tips on how to replace laptop charger jelly damaged ala author:

1. Borrow the same laptop charger from a friend

This is the easiest and cheapest hehe cucok for my friends who do not 'want' to buy a new charger. Nebeng first could be a smart alternative. However, make sure the charger is the same as the charger you have. The most easily borrow charger of the brand and specifications of the laptop are the same as your laptop.

2. Buy charger original brand laptop service center in your

More secure is buying original charger that fit your laptop in your laptop brand service center. So you do not need to worry because the power consumption and voltage laptops certainly fitting.

3. If you have to buy a charger kw

If you do have to buy a charge kw or below quality original charger make sure you pay attention to the following:
1.  Charger has the exact same connector end with your previous charger.
2.  Having exactly the same output voltage with battery charge
3.   The polarity on the charger plug with previous charger. You can check the voltage and current output on  labels charger (adapter), for example, output: 19V - 3.42A 65W.

If the voltage of the output data is not known because the charger is missing, then check the label on your laptop body. Usually there are specifications written in the back of the laptop. If not found check your laptop manual book.

Recommendations author, buy the original laptop charger so you do not have to worry about adverse effects when using quality charger underneath. Better make up for a good price with excellent quality rather than vice versa.

This article on a website Computer Tricks Tips Gels How To Change A Broken Laptop Charger hopefully help you. Thank you for your visit, I hope to make our online computer learning useful. Amen :-)

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